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Taikodom - Space

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Taikodom - Space Empty Taikodom - Space

Post  MonkeySpotted on Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:39 am

Greetings Apes!

Here is a new game.

Taikodom is a space MMO Action/Strategy. Its a whole new galaxy to explore. You can choose between classes and have different vessels. It is probably, the only MMO Space/Action that is free. And guess what. Its Brazilian! lol

I recommend it, I played a few years ago, before I bought a new laptop. I am considering this game as an alternative to AVA.

You may also modify your vessel, adding new guns, cannons, torpedoes or missiles. The good thing is that for every new level, you are able to choose between 3 new vessels. Each vessel has its own attributes.

There are 3 classes:

-Cargo = own big ships and explore worlds mining asteroids
-Ace = your vessel is fast and has a nice firepower
-Heavy = huge ships that launches torpedoes, missiles and every kind of weapon (just like Galactica from Battlestar Galactica)
-Explorer = Balanced, you explore new worlds, seeking for new life forms, going where no one has gone before! (like Enterprise from Star Trek)

I think it is very nice, graphics are great, gameplay really nice.

If you are considering this game, go to:

http://www.taikodom.com = for English Version

http://www.taikodom.com.br/ = for Brazilian Version

They are all the same game, just the site is in a different language.

Our nicknames there:


Mosca Espacial


XxXStorm TrooperXxX

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Taikodom - Space Empty Re: Taikodom - Space

Post  Classic on Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:10 pm

Hey Ape I love this game its awsome, Also quick money making tip coz i have made 176k since you have been gone, go to Uranus system then destroy Astroids and get the HYDROCARBONS get about 200 then go to Aswan and find people buying them for around 250 each then sell and get about 60k an hour that way

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Taikodom Download - http://taikodom.com/downloads

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