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Squads - Groups Empty Squads - Groups

Post  MonkeySpotted on Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:14 pm

Greetings Apes!

I have made a new system of squads and grouping. You now can choose your favorite class and be part of a team like you.

There are 3 Open Groups:

Sniper - for those who like sniping, just go to the Snipers Group.

Riflemen - do you think rifles are the best? Join the Rifle People.

Pointman - SMG and Shotguns match you, join the Pointmen.\

And 2 Closed Groups

Inactives - those who aren't playing for any reason, we will put you here.

Moderators - Clan Staff


To the Squads Section (where you choose your group) = http://planetofapes.forumotion.com/groupcp.forum

Obs.: 1. Moderators group is only for clan staff, it is closed and only permitted to few.
2. You can always leave a group.
3. To join, choose a group from the list and press more information. Then press Join.
4. When you are going on vacations, or for any reason isnt playing for some time, tell one of the moderators (clan staff) through PM and we will put you in the Inactives Group

Thank you,


Never lose faith on our Apes.

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